DURO LoneRanger

Durotek Simulation Training & Reflex Shooting System(Duroloneranger)

DUROTEK SOLUTIONS PVT. LTD. Is an ISO 9001: 2015 certified company, and holds certificate of recognition by Department of Industrial Policy and Promotion vide certificate # DIPP 12484 dated 14th March 2018 as Start-up and
registered with NSIC.

In general, Traditional simulator training entails not only expensive and tedious process of procurement of a system, but also supporting infrastructure such as training hall. It is due to such high costs that most training simulators of significant capability are located in centralised training institutes located in various parts of the country. Having such centralised locations leads to problems such as logistics of transporting personnel to and from training institutes, availability of required weapons for training and other factors. Furthermore, most of the training simulators in these locations are not portable, requiring significant time, energy and resources to pack, transport and unpack and setup.

With events such as COVID-19, the above mentioned logistics and hesitance of various central training academies to allow congregation of several people in a single location for training therefore becomes a challenging one, leading to an overall loss of proficiency.

To overcome this, the need of an hour would be to decentralise the training institutes to more regional ones with a simple, ultra portable system that can be carried in one hand, that requires only a room (size of an average living room / conference room) that can be converted at any time and also to train a handful of personnel at any time. In this way, personnel can be trained in both marksmanship and situational awareness frequently, instead of having them train once or twice a year.

“DUROloneranger” is an ultraportable, affordable, the first of new generation of training simulators, anywhere in the world, is ideal post COVID to fulfil training requirements. This product can be deployed at every police stations, metro stations, airports, prisons, critical infrastructure sites, army barracks etc., in locations where a traditional multilane simulator cannot be deployed.